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e-Newsletter issue #4 – April

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e-Newsletter issue #4 – April

e-Newsletter issue #4 – April

Trafficology – The Holy Grail for Online Business

So it’s all about one ultimate thing when it comes to internet and web business – traffic. And there are probably abundance of online resources that shares tips on improving SEO for better traffic

Aside from the 4 marketing P’s – (product price, place and promotion) and a reliable web hosting provider to maintain your site’s accessibility, you will need to know how to get good quality traffic.

The traffic has a complex way to work around but the good news is you don’t really need to understand how the traffic system works just like how you don’t need to know how the lights work as long as you know how to flip the on and off switch and shine it at the right place.

SEO is just as direct as that. The process to improve web traffic is far simpler. Try flipping these ideas to see if your traffic would light up:

  • Unique title – Be sure to create a unique title for every pages. This will help increase search results within the keywords of the same genre.
  • Use question or a strong/interesting statement – The meta title that appears on search result is going to be more attractive and use the meta description title to answer the question.
  • Anchor and duplicate keyword – Repeat the important keyword from the title as necessary to increase relevancy for search engine to index your pages on your desire category.
  • Describe pages – Write a good description for every pages on it’s meta description but keep it focused within the same subject for better search results.
  • ALT tag for images – Images are also becoming a significant element on pages as some search engines index the images that contained ALT tag. So don’t miss it.
  • Backlinks – Other quality source for traffic are through the backlinks from others. But make sure that your backlinks comes from people who are of the same interest on your content.
  • Viral marketing – One of the now popular strategy that leverages on the influence of social media network, viral marketing is an effective way to create an epidemic of mass traffic to your site.

There are more ways to improve your web traffic, find out more about ‘The Secrets of SEO’ and ‘The Common Mistake of SEO’ at blog.webserver.com.my

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For the devotion of faith to the benevolence of giving, the Malaysian Amitabha Centre has been offering support and joy for the society since 1998

Aside from providing spiritual motivations, Amitabha Centre also gives new hope to many people that include ex inmates, the old folks, orphans and other people who are in need.

As a proud sponsored client of Webserver, amitabhacentre.org exist with a single objective, to help the society with various CSR activities by providing education, caring shelter, financial and medical relief, and environmental conservation.

To secure a better future for the new generations, Amitabha Centre is now in the process of working with several agencies and government to establish an orphanage project known as “The Charity Orphanage” to provide school, day care centers, clinics and much more for children.

Today, Amitabha Centre had set up installations across Malaysia solely to help people. These charitable facilities include old folks home, haemodialysis centre, scholarships and free clinics.

In order to have a more effective ways of helping the less fortunate, Rev. Xuanfa initiated the unprecedented Buddhist Charity Village in Kulai, Johor. Charity Village is the biggest project initiated by Amitabha Centre. The project is the implementation of Buddha’s teaching that includes the practice of Dharma and Dana (Charity). With the size of 43 acres, the Charity Village will include Single Mother Caring Home, Old Folks Home, Guanyin Temple and Meditation Hall etc.

Their passion to contribute and enrich the spirituality of well being expands to all ethnics and beliefs. Their act of devotion continues with one of their latest event of the Myanmar Buddha Relic National Treasure Blessing Puja which will be held at Stadium Chinwoo in Kuala Lumpur from 5th May 2010 to 9th May 2010 (10am to 10pm).

To find out more about their events, visit www.amitabhacentre.org.my

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