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e-Newsletter issue #3 – March

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e-Newsletter issue #3 – March

Content Management System

All great business starts with a good management. This should also be carried out on managing a website. Certainly it is not always easy to manage thousands of files and organize pages to impress the visitors, especially if one Is lack of such technical skills. But thank to technology, anyone can manage a web like a pro using an effective content management system like WordPress. And here what makes WordPress the right management choice for your website?

1. User friendly

If managing a business takes all that much of effort and time to plan and organize, then WordPress is what you need to eliminate all these steps in advance. It is a friendly tool that provides you the systematic planning and organizing almost everything for you within your click of mouse.

2. Rich feature

This powerful CMS gives you what you need to optimize the publicity for your website too. Your business needs the A&P or the PR department to work for your publicity. With WordPress, you be sure that search engines will treat you nicer and see all of your pages you want being indexed by them. WordPress gives you the features to handle SEO like a pro so you can optimize your web’s SEO on the internet.

3. Industrial recognized CMS

It is popular and widely accepted by web developers. Many people can handle WordPress and even if you prefer to pass the mission to someone to manage your website, it can be done easily. And you can take over with what has been left on by others. The resources for support are abundance in the market and have become a standard CMS for most websites.

Find out more about how can WordPress benefit your business on ‘Wordpress for business’ at blog.webserver.com.my and learn more tips on how to optimize your SEO performance for a more lucrative web business.

Or try out here to host a WordPress site with the 30 days money back guarantee.

Featured Client

Now you know that managing a website are just at your finger tips, take a look at what can give you an IT management for your company on our featured client who specializes in the area of IT services, Kanineetech System Solution.

The focus on technology enhances communications of an organization for better relationships with clients and also staffs. Be it hardware or software, IT services gives you the technology control you need for your business. It is hard to imagine any company on the 21st century to manage their business without the implementation of IT system.

Kanineetech, a Kuala Lumpur based company that specializes in providing IT solutions aims give a satisfying experience for clients with the latest IT systems available for businesses. Their services covers from networking and server installation to software and website development to EXiTS computer system maintenance program and computer system and wiring services. Visit www.kanineetech.com to find out more.

See what they have to say about web hosting with us.

“Reliability Is always my concern when choosing a web hosting, since 2005 my website Kanineetch has been experiencing a very consistent uptime from Webserver.com.my and I always call their support service at any time and they never fail to give me a satisfying answer. I don’t see why anyone would not take reliability as the most important point for choosing a web hosting. I strongly recommend Webserver.com.my” – Yuva, Kanineetech.com

Contact us at info@webserver.com.my if you want your company to be featured on our monthly enewsletter that is being read by over 3000 subscribers.


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