Discard on Auto forward to Yahoo!

Discard on Auto forward to Yahoo!

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Discard on Auto forward to Yahoo!

Due to the increase in ISPs and Web Hosting companies including ourselves being blacklisted by major email service providers, eg. Yahoo’s email automated SPAM filter from time to time, effective today 25th NOV 2009, all emails being automatically forwarded to Yahoo from our mail servers will be discarded.

Here’s a break down of the problem:
1) You setup an auto forwarder from your domain to your Yahoo email account (you@yourdomain.com -> you@yahoo.com).
2) Your customers send emails to you@yourdomain.com and the emails gets forwarded to you@yahoo.com automatically
3) One day you receive some spam at you@yourdomain.com, which was auto forwarded directly to you@yahoo.com.
4) Yahoo detects the content of the email as spam.
5) Yahoo’s spam filter does not register the originator of the email as the spammer – instead, it registers the last place the email came from as the spammer.  And in this case and the last place the email came from is our email server which hosts you@yourdomain.com.
6) Yahoo will then blacklist the entire mail server, so that no one can send email to any Yahoo email accounts.

IMPORTANT NOTE, this does not mean you cannot send emails to Yahoo email accounts. This simply means you cannot set your email account to auto forward emails to email accounts provided by those email service providers. You will still be able to compose your own email to users from the said email service providers, and you will be able to forward an email to Yahoo users from your mailbox manually.

Although it might be an inconvenience to many, we think this decision is necessary in order to protect all of our valuable customers from being blacklisted by Yahoo. It’s unfortunate but is in everyone’s best interests.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Customer Care Division

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