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Dedicated Hosting – Affordable Solution to Your Server Performance Problems

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Dedicated Hosting – Affordable Solution to Your Server Performance Problems

Monday, February 10th, 2003

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (February, 2003) In this IT era, who does not have a web site? In order to run a web site, you need to have a server to host it. When it comes to getting a hosting solution, normally people will have shared-hosting on mind. Shared web hosting is where your web site is given a portion of a server, shared with other web sites. Why not? The cost of anything shared ought to be cheaper. With just a low yearly cost, you can obtain redundant connectivity and guaranteed uptime. Best of all, you can get ‘expert’ to manage your server.

However, these other web sites that share your cost also share your service. Have you ever experienced bad performance of your web site and wondering why? The performance of the server is divided among the users. When another user runs an intensive program, the load-time and performance of your web site will be affected. You might think there is no harm done since it does not cost you anything. But do you realize that people might not wait long enough for your web site to be active again? Those people could be your potential customers.

In order to avoid all these pitfalls, why not consider dedicated hosting? Dedicated hosting is where you get a dedicated server reserved specifically for serving the needs of your sites portal or application. On dedicated server, you can install only the software and applications that you need. By doing so, you can have better control and avoid the problems of overload, bad codes and scripts from other users. Therefore, the upload time and performance of your web site can be optimized. This is especially important when your web site is of database and application-driven nature.

Another benefit of having a dedicated server is that you do not have to worry about the web space since you are not sharing with anyone. Anyone using shared-server needs to be on constant watch so that they do not use the web space more than they are allocated for. A lot of information is sacrificed in order for you to squeeze in within the storage limit. As your business grows, eventually you still need more space for your server. By then, you will have no choice, but to upgrade it to a dedicated server. If you have chosen dedicated server in the first place, you would not need to go through the trouble of inconvenient migration.

It is even better if you have 24 hours access to your own dedicated server. You can update, correct or adjust whatever software and application needed in minutes, best of all, you do not even need to ask for permission from the hosting company. Dedicated hosting is unlike shared-hosting where permission is needed before you want to install any software and application. Most often than not, not all applications are allowed in shared-hosting.

With dedicated server, the application is not controlled by the hosting company. At times, those applications could be difficult to configure and troubleshoot. If you are worried about losing expertise watch and control over your server when you choose a dedicated server, then perhaps you should consider ‘managed dedicated server’. When you choose ‘managed service’, the hosting company will take care of your server and your application & troubleshooting needs. Without worrying about the server problem, you probably could concentrate better in your business.

If you have long term plan to expand your business, piece of advice, do not just think about how much you can save with shared-hosting; but think about how many potential customers you may lose. With a dedicated server, you can adjust your server needs. Most importantly, you can avoid the problem of compromising speed & information, which is important in enhancing the company’s image. The company’s image is vital for long term survival. Therefore, for those with long term vision, perhaps it is a wise move to invest in a dedicated server.

Our company has been offering dedicated server at the price of RM998. However, inline with the importance of using dedicated hosting, our company would like to offer you this irresistible promotion from just RM499. In addition, we also offer other value-added services. With an additional RM500 per month, you can enjoy a trouble free ‘managed services’. As an option, you may also sign up our managed firewall with only RM600 per month. For those who sign up and pay up for 12 months, you even get a FREE 12 months ‘managed services’ worth RM6000. What are you waiting for? The promotions last till 28th Feb 2003. Sign up now.

Why can we offer at such rate? We can offer at such an incredible rate because we are We have been around since 1998 with customers from over 35 countries, offering consistent, reliable and responsive web hosting and internet solutions. Other services available ranging from dedicated hosting, co-location, enterprise hosting, e-commerce hosting, managed solutions to domain name registration etc. We assured of secure hosting with full redundant UPS capacity using diesel generator backup and temperature controlled environment. Our daily backup and two diverse internet backbones which total to more than 2.5 Megabits bandwidth ensure speed and reliability. Find out more information by calling 603-92819329 or simply visit our site at

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