WE PROVIDE Get Started We provide you the best dedicated server to host your email in which all the resources are allocated to your business only.


Benefit of

Dedicated Email Server

Best for Heavy Email

WebServer DES will able to fulfil the need for servers that host with heavy email usage. Especially for the company that high traffic on email to run and manage their business every day.


Dedicated hosting provides you an enterprise-level security measure. Such as F-PROT Anti-Virus & Advanced Email Anti-Spam Solutions, to eliminate potential threats on a daily basis.

Collaboration & Synchronization

DES allows collaboration and synchronization between mobile and desktop. It can allow users to easily and fast to communicate and share files with everyone on the team.

Run Business with SmarterMail

Run your business email environment with SmarterMail. A perfect email platform that offers you with 100% web-driven email server interface with Microsoft Exchange-Level Mail features.

Up-to-Date Mail Server Hosting

We always ensure the availability as well as reliability of our DES Hosting. Our experts are dedicated to promise our services are compatible and suits with your business environment.

Powerful Hosting Infrastructure

Our DES hosting package contains the most powerful and secure infrastructure to support premium features. We guarantee you enjoy our most popular email server.

Benefit of

Managed Dedicated Email Server

Outsourced Email Ecosystem

We’ve built an email hosting solution that allows you to outsource your entire email ecosystem and boosts your business.

Daily Backup and

Daily backup and monitoring are provided as one of our managing services to ensure your server is always ready to serve your business.

24/7 Fully Technical Support

Our professional managing services will saves your expenses by reducing the necessity to hire technical experts for your mail server.

Proactive Solutions with Webserver

Our managed service as a proactive effort that provide you better performance, reduce risk of downtime as well as fewer glitches.

Focused on your core business

Webserver becomes your Email Server Managed service provider that managed your server. It allows you more time to focus on your core product.

Experienced better than Qualified

Webserver is a popular hosting provider in Malaysia that has an experienced support team.Our support team has faced the related server problem multiple times.

Email Plan

Dedicated Email Server

Only at



Server Specification
Quad Core Xeon E3 -1230 3.2Ghz
Total Email Account
250 mailboxes (option available for more mailboxes)
Multiple Domain Names Software
Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition
Smartermail Professional Ver 16.x with 250 mailboxes
Exchange-level Mail Server Software
Complete mobile and desktop collaboration and synchronization
F-Prot Anti-Virus
Anti-Spam Solution
16GB Server Memory Secured with Secure Defence 2.0 Firewall Daily Backup Up to 20 GB With Business Continuition Solution
2 x 2TB Disk Space Network
2 Dedicated IP Address & 1 x 100Mbps Network Port
Unlimited Data Transfer
100Mbps Bandwidth
RM800 Installation Fee

Features Comparison

Free Public Emails Free Public Emails Free Public Emails Free Public Emails
Own Corporate Identity
Dedicated Email Server (exclusive used)
Hardware and Software License Purchase
Cost for Bandwidth Subscription
Customisable Webmail Interface
SSL Encryption for Sending Sensitive Emails Not Likely Likely
Unlimited Email Accounts 250 (Optional for More)
Large Attachment Less than 20MB Maybe Up to 50MB
Support Multi Lingua Maybe
Proprietary Processing Rules Maybe
Hidden Carbon Copy (Email Journal) Likely
Hidden Carbon Copy (Email Journal) Risky
Time Zone Setting
Mobile Mail Access Maybe
Your Own IP Address
Anti Spam Lite Maybe
Daily Pattern Updates for Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Maybe
Daily Data Backup Likely Likely
Business Continuation Solution Not Included Not Included
Secured Firewall Protection Limited Limited Not Included
Global Address Book Optional
24 x 7 Telephone Support
Online or Downloadable Operation Manual
Service Guarantees
Private Customer Support Executive

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