WE PROVIDE Get Started Allows you to have a secure cloud drive storage to backup your important files, documents, and data


WebServer MY

Cloud Storage Service

Best and Cheapest Cloud Storage

Webserver MY introduces you with the Best and Cheapest Cloud Storage that only cost you as low as RM0.20/GB a month.

Scheduled Cloud Backup & Syncing

Webserver MY Cloud Storage Services allow you to set up an automated cloud backup and sync to ensure your backup files are always up-to-date.

Unlimited Upload / Download Quota

With our Cloud Storage Service, you will enjoy with UNLIMITED Upload and Download quota. Allowing you to preform cloud backup & storage anytime you need.

Unlimited User Access to Cloud

Unlike other cloud storage provider. We provide you with UNLIMITED User Access to the cloud storage to perform various action including file sending, backup, syncing and storage.

Instant Data Disaster Recovery

Your data will get back recovered as soon as after an IT Disaster occured. NO CHARGES when you perform any operations on your Cloud Storage/Drive.

Instant Deployment & Delivery

Webserver MY provide with Instant Deployment & Delivery upon purchasing. Assist you to secure your important files in no time.

Cloud Storage Services


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Download/Egress Quota
Operation Charge
Cloud Facilities Protection & Security
Supported System
Instant Service Deployment
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Webserver MY Cloud Facilities

Secure off-premises

Webserver MY Cloud Storage allows you to complete outsource your data backup services. Eliminates excessive expenses to backup data on your own.

High Level Protection

Webserver MY Cloud Storage are operated under highly secured environment. Feel safe to send and secure your important files & data at our cloud storage.

Confidential & Privacy

The data you stored in the cloud storage will be encrypted and protected under our security measures. Eliminating the possibility of data abusing by unauthorized person.

Convenience Cloud Storage

Webserver MY Cloud Storage Service allow you to perform various cloud backup & file sending functions. Mirror, Update, Two/Multi-way synchronizing, etc.

Reliable and Responsive Service

Webserver MY Data Center committed in providing reliable, responsive and quality services and we conduct network monitoring under 24×7 basis.

High Speed @ Localized Server

Webserver MY localized server will boosts up your file upload & download speed for cloud backup. Retrieve and send big files within minutes at our Cloud Storage Services.