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Affiliates Program

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Affiliates Program

The management of Acme Commerce Sdn Bhd is proudly introducing the new Affiliate Program for all to become our potential business partner. 10 percent of the purchase hosting services are entitle to any friends and relatives introduces to us by you.

How this Affiliates Program works?

  1. Register an Account at if you are not our client.
  2. Activate as our Affiliate at – Immediately, get your RM88 Bonus into your account.
  3. Approach your friends/relatives to submit the order with Your Unique Referral Link provided in the Account Summary eg.
  4. Furthermore any order submitted via Your Unique Referral Link will entitled for 10% of the hosting plan price.
  5. So view the latest Affiliate Account Balance
  6. Earn up to RM250 commission each time,  so you may withdraw it by sending us an email at
  7. Your commission will bank-in to you accordingly within the next 14 days upon receive the email.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The 10% commission only applicable for Shared Hosting plans.
  2. Claims could be made after 30 days upon the last order payment made.
  3. Payout of commissions is upon payment received for the ordered hosting service.

More information is available at the FAQ.

Frequently Asked Question Affiliates Program

  • How are Affiliates tracked?

    Affiliates are tracked when they create an account and activated as our Affiliate. Potential referrer receive your promotional information along with YOUR UNIQUE REFERRAL LINK eg. to submit their order by clicking the link. Once the consumer submitted the order and payment is made, you will immediately receive the commission into your account.

  • What is the Affiliate Link (YOUR UNIQUE REFERRAL LINK)?

    The Affiliate Link is a special link used by your referrer who wish to purchase the hosting service in order for you to accumulate your commission.

  • Where do I get the Affiliate Link (YOUR UNIQUE REFERRAL LINK)?

    You may logon to to view the link.

  • How much do I when become an Affiliate?

    Upon signup you will entitled for RM88 bonus and each shared hosting sold you will earn 10% commission.

  • Where to view the Account Summary for my balance?

    You may view the Account Summary at

  • What is the minimum amount I have to reach before making a withdrawal?

    You have to earn up to RM250 (includes the RM88 Bonus) to make a withdrawal.

  • How can I withdraw the money?

    You may submit the request at the Account Summary OR email to us at for withdrawal.

  • When would be the payout after submission for withdrawal?

    Payout will be completed within 30 days after the withdrawal submission made.

  • Which hosting plans I referred will entitled for the commission?

    Shared Hosting Plans includes Value II, Budget, Basic, Premium, Application and Email Enhanced Hosting Plans only will entitled for 10% commission.