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Encik Zulkarnain – Ignite Solutions Sdn Bhd

Encik Zulkarnain – Ignite Solutions Sdn Bhd

Hi Guys,

“Just felt it was about time to write a testimonial for you all.  I’ve been customer for almost 2 years now and the service I receive has always been great:

i) fast, efficient and knowledgeable staff really help me   spend time on other things in my own business.

ii) reliable servers with large amounts and features that all my own customers are very happy with

iii) good incentives for resellers like myself to bring in more business for you

I’ve been bugging you all quite a lot recently and the service I’ve received from Phoenix, Ivy and Goh has always been patient considering I ask for the same things over and over again!

Looking forward to many years ahead.  Keep up all the good work!”

Encik Zulkarnain
Ignite Solutions Sdn Bhd



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